Tapestry New Opera

Opera Briefs

Last month I spent ten action packed days in Toronto, participating in Tapestry New Opera‘s Lib lab program. This was one of the most enjoyable, rewarding and completely exhausting things I’ve done in some time. Here’s the official description:

Lib lab provides artists with the opportunity to develop techniques for effective collaboration. Writers and composers are partnered with one another for one day each. With input from music and stage directors, each pair writes a short piece of music theatre and investigates the collaborative process. Their work is performed at the end of each day and then constructively critiqued by the group.

Here’s how the participants might describe it:

ten days, four composers, four writers, sixteen scenes, no sleep.

I loved it!

I’m thrilled that two of the scenes I composed will be performed on september 26, 27 & 28 in toronto, as part of Tapestry’s 2008-09 season OPERA BRIEFS.





Update: Other performances in February, 2010