“Between Worlds of Sound” with Del Sol Quartet

Sarodist Alam Khan, son of the legendary Maestro Ali Akbar Khan, and sitarist Arjun Verma are collaborating with composer Jack Perla, Del Sol Quartet, and Tablaist Nilan Chaudhuri to compose and perform Between Worlds of Sound. Alam Khan is the grandson of Allauddin Khan, the preeminent musical legend who trained both Ali Akbar Khan and Ravi Shankar, the 20th century ambassadors of Indian classical music to the world. The performance will combine instruments from East and West with ambient sounds, spoken samples, and visuals, recorded in the USA and India.

Photo courtesy of Del Sol Quartet

Between Worlds will take audiences on a journey through various musical chapters representing distinct stages in the composers’ search for cultural and personal identity, such as “Youth,” “Home,” “Journey,” “Desolation,” “Struggle,” “Letting Go,” “Wholeness,” and “Flight.” In the end, no matter our ethnic and cultural backgrounds, we are all connected by the range of human emotions we experience. This is the thread that ties us together, and the thread we aim to express through Between Worlds of Sound

Alam Khan, Sarode & Composer

Between Worlds will be performed at several venues around the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition, six interactive lecture/demonstrations will be presented at various Bay Area educational and community institutions in the months leading up to the performance premiere, with dates to be announced shortly.

More information at Del Sol Quartet’s website.