Love/Hate, 2011

A Comic Chamber Opera

A chamber opera in development, Love/Hate continues to gain supporters. American Opera Projects in New York is the leading consortium to develop the work, along with San Francisco-based ODC Theater and  Urban Arias out of Arlington, Virginia.  Following its 2011 premier in five cities, the opera will also be performed by Houston Grand Opera in 2012.  The librettist for Love/Hate is my dear friend & longtime musical collaborator, Rob Bailis.  Here’s Rob’s description of the work…

“Watch the celebrity death match as a college professor, lesbian pole stripper, bi-curious george, cassanova, and other characters duke it out for love. It’s a little like Canterbury Tales meets Milan Kundera, with a splash of Dr. Ruth – “each” relationship is “every” relationship; the devil is in the details.  Reveling in our  paradoxical mating methodologies, roiling at the ironic isolation of point and click social lives, “Love/Hate” posits an old paradigm for a new era.”

American Opera Projects

ODC Theater

Urban Arias