The world premiere recording of Shalimar the Clown was released on July 8th by Albany Records.

The recording is available at Albany Records, iTunes, Amazon and all other major outlets.

Made in 2016, it features singers Sean Panikkar, Andriana Chuchman, Gregory Dahl, Katharine Goeldner, Thomas Hammons, Jenni Bank, Geoffrey Apgalo, Justin Austin, and Aubrey Allicock.

Sitarist Arjun Verma and tabla Maestro Javad Butah compliment the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra led by Maestro Jayce Ogren.

Peter Henderson produced the recording for the PanGalactic company, Paul Hennerich engineered and Jack Perla served as Associate Producer.

The Wall Street Journal called Shalimar the Clown “Haunting…topical, literary and theatrical..poignant and vivid.” The Chicago Tribune said the opera possessed “The dramatic resonance of modern Shakespearean tragedy.” And the New York Times cited the opera’s “genuine out of the box composing”, and noted Ms. Chuchman’s “Intelligent, beguiling, bravura performance.”

“On Enormous Changes, Perla takes a break from opera world commissions and heads back to late 60s jazz rock for a mental and spiritual cleansing that finds him right in the pocket of pre-fusion where the seeds were being sown.”-Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“Jazz songs & originals, with the wit and charm of Joni Mitchell and the pop precision of Sting.”
-Hobart Taylor, KUCI

Recorded by Ben Yonas, mixed by Adam Munoz at Fantasy Studios

Two Bay Area virtuoso groups bring to life an American anti-hero and a dance theater work on global warming, and a New York super-duo delivers a virtuoso realization of a major new work commissioned for them by the Barlow Endowment for New Music.

Persistence of the Blues
Performed by TwoSense
Ashley Bathgate, Cello
Lisa Moore, Piano
Pretty Boy
Performed by The Paul Dresher Electro-Acoustic Band
On a Train Heading South
Performed by Music Without Walls

The Visit features an all star west-coast band. Paul McCandless toured and recorded with Bela Fleck and founded the ground-breaking group Oregon with Ralph Towner. Zakir Hussain is the acknowledged master of the Tabla, and founder of Shakti with John McLaughlin.

Will Kennedy was drummer with the Grammy-winning Yellow Jackets, and Karl Perazzo has toured & recorded numerous albums with Carlos Santana, including Milagro and Sacred Fire. Darol Anger founded the innovative Turtle Island String Quartet, and Mike Marshall the Modern Mandolin Quartet.

Moxie, the product, was the first mass marketed soft drink in the United States. It was was touted as a patent medicine guaranteed to cure almost any ill. Moxie Music, the recording, is a collection of eight virtuoso chamber music compositions.

Mox·ie (mks)
n. Slang
1. The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.
2. Aggressive energy; initiative: “His prose has moxie, though it rushes and stumbles from a pent-up surge”.
3. Skill; know-how.

“From the cascading runs of ‘Series One’ and the grand, juicy chords of ‘The Pearl’, to the title track’s rhythmic, low cruising vamp and ‘Minefield’s disarming sense of adventure, Swimming Lessons for the Dead gives notice of a major young composer and pianist. A fetching blend of compositional smarts and improvisational daring make this modern jazz of the highest order.”
-Robin Tolleson, Downbeat

Includes “Roman Candles”, winner of the Thelonious Monk Jazz Composers Award

Pixels at an Exhibition was first performed by the Oakland East Bay Symphony on March 15th, 2002. The orchestra frequently programs works by living composers as concert openers.  The piece was conceived to fulfill that function, and is thus melodic, bright and to the point.

The title was taken from a New Yorker article on digital photography. I thought the word-play suited the brevity of the piece, contrasting the old notion of a thoughtful gallery promenade with our now familiar habit of glancing at hundreds, or thousands of images.

Music Without Walls is some of the first music Jack performed, recorded and produced, starting while he was still a conservatory student in New York. He was lucky to work at a young age with brilliant performer/improvisers including violinist Mark Feldman, reed players Rob DeBellis and Marty Ehrlich, cellist Dawn Avery, bassist John Goldsby and percussionist Kory Grossman.

His goal then, as it is now, was to erase any lines between genres, and stay open to all the expressive possibilities inherent in his musical ideas and the kinds of music that moved him.

Courtside follows Jason Ching, a hot-shot, high school basketball player who fights back when taunted on the court.

In Betty Box Office, the operatic aspirations of a box office employee come to life when the star of the evening’s performance suffers an unfortunate accident.

Love/Hate is “a comic opera with its heart on its sleeve.” Two strangers meet eyes at a bus stop, but both are too buried in their own emotional baggage to do anything more than say hello.