Mich and the Moon

Scene from “Ghosts of Crosstown” (2014)
Soprano, Cello, Piano
Duration: 8″
Text by Jerre Dye
Commissioned by Opera Memphis
Premiere: April 4, 2014, Opera Memphis
Featuring brand new compositions by Anthony Davis, Kamran Ince, Jack Perla, Nathaniel Stookey, and Zach Redler, and libretti by Jerre Dye of Memphis theater company Voices of the South, The Ghosts of Crosstown had its premiere as part of Opera Memphis’ second annual Midtown Opera Festival.

Memphis’ majestic Sears Crosstown building was a vibrant shopping hub for more than 50 years, but it fell into disuse and decay in 1993. Today, it is being revitalized. As part of this effort, Opera Memphis commissioned a group of acclaimed composers to create five short operas inspired by the lives of people who lived near, or worked in the Sears Crosstown Building, Ghosts of Crosstown. Mich, a teenager at the time of the scene Jack created for this innovative site-specific work, breaks into the crosstown building late at night. Bottle of wine in hand, she sings an aria of lost love and opportunity to the rising moon as it ascends through the enormous windows of the haunted building.