Tapestry Operas

Four “Pocket Operas” (2008)
Libretti by Andrew Moody; Spy Denome Welch; David James Brock & Ken Gass
Voices & Piano
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Do You Know the Way to Acquitane? A wistful scene between office lovers, on their parting for different shores at the end of their affair.
That’s Real Estate: A comedic take on overdevelopment, featuring a McMansion ready to topple off the unstable bluff upon which it’s been built, and the tree that councils it to “let go”. The house is in denial.
Architecture: The ruins of a house on a hill, where two characters meet after many years, after a wartime conflict, and try to piece together their memory of the place they once knew, and their earlier life together.
Betty Box Office: The operatic aspirations of a box office employee come to life when the star of the evening’s performance suffers an unfortunate accident. Betty convinces the dashing General Manager to allow her save the show, but her moment is ruined by a handsome co-worker who charms the GM with an alternate solution involving a “little bluegrass Eurydice and some country Orfeo”. This leads to an important operatic staple – murder, carried out in this case with the sharp end of a pencil.
Premiere: September 2008, Tapestry New Opera, Toronto, Ontario; Wayne Strongman, Music Director